Procedures & Responsibilities

Importing goods from Bali is a smooth and stress-free process.  Just follow the procedures below and you can enjoy a fabulous holiday knowing that your goods are going to arrive home to your door safely.

Procedures for Shopping In Bali

How It Works

Once you have arranged your trip just let us know and we can advise you on the procedures of what to, and what not to buy, what you can, and what you cannot import, and how to get the best products at the best prices.

A few weeks before you leave you can contact IndoStyle and we will arrange a day and time for one of our tour guides to take you shopping. Also, let us know the products you wish to buy so that the tour guide can formulate an appropriate itinerary.

Our tour guide will arrange to collect you from your hotel and take you to the areas where these suppliers can be found. You can also shop on your own and email or post your invoices to us on your return (please make sure the supplier’s contact details are on the invoice).

If you are concerned about how much space your orders will take, just ask the shop owner/manufacturer but we will confirm the exact amount at the time of packing. Please pay for your purchases and tour guide but the freight costs are paid in Australia.

Make sure that all details are on the invoice, and if you have special requirements make sure that they are written on the invoice and that the tour guide understands your requirements. You can also pay the tour guide to do any quality control if you are concerned.


When your shopping is completed. The tour guide will then arrange to have your purchases picked up and ensure that the goods are correct, as per the invoice.

  • The goods will then be professionally wrapped in corrugated cardboard, boxes, or crates and packed into the container.
  • The container is then fumigated to the standards set by Australian Quarantine.
  • Once the container is full, it travels from Bali to Australia.
  • Once cleared by Australian Customs and Quarantine the container is taken to IndoStyle’s warehouse and is unpacked and distributed.
  • Delivery to your home or business is at your expense and is quoted once the goods arrive.
  • 50% of your freight costs are due once the container is packed and on its way with the balance due on collection or before delivery.
  • IndoStyle will contact you once we know when the shipment is to arrive and collection or delivery dates and times.

Terms are subject to change without notification.

Our Responsibilities

IndoStyle’s responsibilities are:

  • To make importing from Bali as easy as possible
  • To impart our knowledge of importing to help make your buying as successful as possible
  • To take the hassle out of importing
  • To deliver your goods in the best condition possible in the most cost effective way

What Indostyle doesn’t take responsibility for

IndoStyle doesn’t take responsibility for:

  • The lack of quality. If you are concerned get the tour guide to check your goods before they are collected
  • Splitting, warping and shrinkage of timber. Ask whether the timber has been kiln dried or only buy recycled timbers.
  • Although insurance is paid on the entire container (in case it falls off the ship). If something is damaged or lost in transit, IndoStyle is not liable. Although this is very rare, if you are concerned please make you own insurance arrangements
  • As IndoStyle consolidates goods in the container there is a chance that one client on each container may have only part of the goods loaded. If this happens IndoStyle apologises for any inconvenience although is not liable.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities are:

  • Keeping IndoStyle informed when you have placed orders and what are the special requirements
  • Payment of our tour guide
  • Payment for the shipping
  • Payment for delivery

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