Importation Fees - Bali to Australia Freight

When shipping your goods from Bali to Australia, you can expect competitive and reasonable importation fees that guarantee a smooth and hassle-free shipping process. Our efficient customs clearance procedures ensure that your items will reach their destination safely and on time.  

Our transparent pricing structure means that you won’t encounter any surprises along the way. Whether you are shipping personal items or products for your business, rest assured that our importation fees for Bali to Australia freight are tailored to meet your needs and budget. 

Forget about hidden costs and delays – our seamless transportation services make every step of the journey a breeze. Get ready to experience a stress-free shipping experience like never before!

Bali to Australia Shipping - Shopping in Bali

Importation Fees

$480 per cubic metre + GST on the cost of the products

  • 10% extra for heavy products which require crating
  • Half a cubic metre is the minimum amount charged
  • All costs above are per cubic metre and are in Australian dollars

Full Containers (FCL) 

  • Costs provided on request

All prices subject to change without notification.

Prices Include

  • Transportation from the point of purchase to the warehouse where the goods are packed is essential for ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain process. This step involves the movement of products from the location of acquisition to the storage facility where they will be prepared for distribution. 
  • Packing of the goods
  • Standard Fumigation
  • Transportation to the port
  • Indonesian port charges and taxes
  • Shipping to Australia
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Australian Port charges
  • Standard Quarantine fees
  • Delivery order fees
  • Customs and AQIS fees
  • Agency and attendance fees
  • Unpacking

Prices do not include

  • IndoStyle is unable to import certain restricted products, such as wood products exceeding 200mm in thickness, wood with impervious surfaces, specific rattans, alang alang grass, banana leaf, and other items as determined by AQIS. Standard fumigation is included for these products.
  • In the event that AQIS requires further inspection of your goods, an export permit may be necessary for raw stone products, Java doors, certain timber products, shell products, wooden houses, gazebos, bulk timber for building, and other specified items.
  • Export permit for raw stone products
  • Permits to export Java doors and some timber products
  • Export permits for shell products
  • Delivery from our Australian warehouses to your home or business
  • Export permits for wooden houses, gazebos, or bulk timber for building
  • We offer delivery services from our Australian warehouses to your designated location, whether it be your home or business. Please note that while containers are insured in the case of loss or severe damage during transit, minor damages are not covered. If you have concerns, we recommend making your own insurance arrangements.
  • Our agent will inform you of any additional costs that may be incurred throughout the importation process.

Space Calculations (consolidated containers)

When consolidating goods in a container, you only pay for the space utilised. For example, if you purchase a day bed measuring 2m x 1m x 1.2m, you may only be charged for half a cubic meter. Our team expertly packs items underneath, around, and on top of your goods to maximise space efficiency. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by how little space they require.

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