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IndoStyle | Importation Fees

Importation Fees

Tourists (consolidated containers)

$440 = 1 - 2 cubic metres
$430 = 2 - 5 cubic metres
$420 = 5 - 15 cubic metres
$400 = 15+  cubic metres
(incl. GST and Import Duty)
10% extra for heavy products
which require crating
One cubic metre is the minimum amounts charged 
All costs above are per cubic metre and are in Australian dollars

Businesses (consolidated containers)

$370 = 1 - 2 cubic metres
$360 = 2 - 5 cubic metres
$350 = 5 - 15 cubic metres
$340 = 15+  cubic metres
(does not included GST and Import Duty)
10% extra for heavy products 
which require crating
One cubic metres is the minimum amounts charged
All costs above are per cubic metre and are in Australian dollars


Full Containers (FCL) to the same address (all major ports excluding Darwin) 

20' (33 cubic metres) = US$7,900 plus Import Duty, GST and Delivery from the nearest port

40' (66 cubic metres) = US$13,900 plus Import Duty, GST and Delivery from the nearest port

Prices do not include custom made crates for heavy or sensitive items

 FCL are calculated in US dollars


Prices Include

  • Transportation from the place of purchase to the warehouse where the goods are packed
  • Packing of the goods
  • Standard Fumigation
  • Transportation to the port
  • Indonesian port charges and taxes
  • Shipping to Australia
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Australian Port charges
  • Standard Quarantine fees
  • Delivery order fees
  • Customs and AQIS fees
  • Agency and attendance fees
  • Unpacking


Prices do not include

  • Additional fumigation of restricted products such as wood products with impervious surfaces, some rattans, alang alang grass, banana leaf and other products as determined by AQIS (standard fumigation is included)
  • If AQIS requires additional inspection of your goods.
  • Export permits for wooden houses, gazebos or bulk timber for building
  • Export permit for raw stone products
  • V-Legal fees for Java doors and some timber products
  • Our agent will advise you where additional costs may be incurred
  • Delivery from our Australian warehouses to your home or business

    Prices subject to change without notification.


Space Calculations (consolidated containers)

As we consolidate goods in the container you only pay for the space taken. So if you buy a day bed which may be 2m x 1m x 1.2m you may only be charged for 1/2 a cubic metre as we can pack things under, around and on top of your goods, making maximim use of the space. More often customers are surprised at how little space they use. 

Shipping container from Bali to Australia